Luggage Storage near Gare du Nord

Searching for luggage storage near Gare du Nord? You’re at the central train station, Gare Du Nord, and about to venture out into the city. But it’s your first day, and you have your bags with you. You sort of assumed you’d have someplace to put them or that you could just carry them around, but they are heavy. Luckily there is plenty of Gare Du Nord luggage storage available, if you just know where to look, and what service to use.

Gare Du Nord is the largest train station in Paris (and over 170 years old) and has connections to the rest of France, and even out into Europe. It connects to Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, and London, as well as other cities. It is also a metro station. And it’s smack dab in the center of one of the cities most interesting centers. All of this to say that if you end up bussing into Paris, you are likely to find yourself in this station, with your bags.

Luggage storage near Gare du Nord

Stasher is a convenient service that provides places for you to ‘stash’ your bags. Gare Du Nord in particular is a bustling station, and it’s so much simpler to be able to navigate it as light as possible. 

The reasons to use Stasher are simple and numerous. The convenience is a huge draw. Being able to pull up the Stasher system and see all the options available, then pay online(no worries about haggling), then walk the short distance to drop off your things. The website provides an easy to use map that includes directions and tells you how long it’ll take.

Adding to this feeling of safety, Stasher insures all bags up to 1000 Pounds. Again, this just comes down to peace of mind. It’s one thing to leave your bag someplace, and trust that it will be there, and another to equally know that if something happens you’re not completely left in a bind.

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