Luggage Storage in Paris

If you are planning to have a short stay in Paris, but not more than a day, then you will need to have a safe and secure place to store your luggage so you don’t have to worry about lugging it everywhere with you. So how can you find out where to turn to ensure that your luggage is going to be safe? Well, luckily there are quite a few options that you can take advantage of.

Using a Private Luggage Storage Paris

There are many luggage storage facilities in Paris that are private and who will allow you to have your luggage stored for a determined amount of time either in a designated area or in a facility that they own. Below, we’ve listed the most well-known that are used the most.


With Eelway you receive a variety of choices of where your luggage can be stored. Some of these include hotels that contract with them. Although the daily storage cost is €10, they are also able to arrange for your luggage to be transferred from either your arriving airport or train and directly sent to your final destination for no more than €25. Besides transferring your luggage, Eelway is also able to ship your luggage worldwide at a cost of €10.

You can also have peace-of-mind knowing that Helvetia Insurance will have you covered.

After landing, you can easily find them throughout Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport; various train stations, and also the airport at Paris-Orly.


Nannybag is open 24 hours, 365 days a year and offers over 200 Paris locations. Nannybag will professionally handle all of your luggage worries for a low initial price of €6 and then charge you a daily rate of €4 there-after.

The price for the Nannybag service includes AXA insurance that allows you to cancel for free.

Many partnerships have been created between Nannybag, hotels, and other types of businesses that allow customers to leave their bags safely with them.


Stasher is often compared to Airbnb but for luggage. With Stasher, you simply pay a fee and you are then able to leave your luggage at any of their designated locations.

Stasher’s service also includes free luggage insurance covering up to €1000 for each piece of luggage and covers against damaged or lost luggage. It also provides tamperproof seals so you will have extra peace-of-mind.

Stasher’s pricing is also what allows them to stand with the others. At only €6 for each bag per day, they also charge a low €5 if you need to store your luggage for one more day.

City Locker

City Locker is only available for Paris and offers luggage storage that is automated. They have 13 Paris-area locations and booking is available for hourly or daily rates.

After a locker is booked by you, an email or text will be sent to you containing a code for accessing your locker. This is great so that you don’t feel rushed and allows for more flexibility. The locations have daily hours and open at 8 am and close at 10 pm.

Their daily prices range between €7 and €16 per locker and are mainly determined by whether tourist season has begun or not. Payments are also only available via Visa or CB.

City Locker can be found close-by both Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord train station. It can also be found close to Gare Saint-Lazare train station.


With Holibag, they present themselves as a platform that is able to connect travelers with area businesses that will safely and securely handle all traveler luggages. The luggage is secured in an insured facility that guarantees no deterioration, theft, or loss.

They have 24/7 customer service and their prices range between 4 hours for €3.90 and 5 days for €60. All prices include insurance and applicable taxes.

Holibag storage areas are strategically located in areas that benefit the customer. These include theme parks, tourist areas, and train stations.


When you use Dropyourbag you can feel confident that your luggage will be picked up from your location and taken to your designated mode of travel. It will then be waiting for you so that you can check-in on time.

This service allows you to complete whatever it is you are doing but without having your bags with you.

Also, there will always be a person with them until the luggage owner receives them.

The Dropyourbag service costs €15 for single luggage and then starts at €10 for every extra piece of luggage.

Be aware that their service ends every night at midnight so this service won’t be beneficial for an early morning flight.

Train Stations

Catching a train is a common mode of travel in Paris and pretty much every train station is located within the heart of Paris. Also, a majority of them also include some form of storage for your luggage. So if you are planning to travel by train, then you’ll be happy to know that you won’t be alone in storing your luggage at these stations below due to their huge popularity as a gateway that enters and exits Paris.

Luggage Storage near Gare du Nord

In order to gain access to this stations luggage area you will have to go to rue de Maubeuge’s exit. Then, you take an elevator all of the way down until you are at the ground.

You will then find the storage area located among the booths of car rental companies. You will see Platform 3 for Grandes Lignes right across from it.

Locker Availability & Size

The luggage storage at Gare du Nord station has around 100 storage lockers that are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

Locker Price

The locker prices are also based on the locker size (S=€5.50, M=€7.50, L=€9.50) and are rated for a period of 24 hours. You are not obligated to maintain your locker for the full 24 hours, however, if you decide to check them out early you will not be owed the difference.

If the 24 hour limit is exceeded before you pick your luggage up then you will start to incur an hourly late fee of €5. If you find yourself locked out from your luggage then you need to visit the ticket office to pay the late fee.

To get around this late fee you need to remove your luggage and then restore it before time expires so that the 24 hours restarts.

Upon completion of storing your luggage you will receive a ticket as proof of purchase.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation are from 6.15am and they close every night at 11.15pm. These hours also include all holidays.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Prior to storing your luggage it is required that they go through an x-ray scan for security purposes. This is in order to utilize the Gare du Nord luggage storage.

When paying, you must pay with coins unless you rent a bigger locker (a change machine is available for those who need coins). If you do opt for a large locker then you are able to use your credit card.

Luggage Storage near Gare de l’Est

Another popular luggage storage area is located at Gare de l’Est. To get to it you need to be at the station’s Metro level across from PAUL.

The Gare de l’est baggage storage is marked with a sign that says “Consigne” as well as a couple of key and suitcase pictures.

If you are still unable to locate them just go to the lower level that is located in the train station’s mall. Head to the shop called Swavoski and you’ll be right above it.

Locker Availability & Size

The sizes of the lockers are the same as the Gard Du Nord lockers and also include small, medium, and large sizes.

Locker Price

The prices for a locker also have a 24 hour flat rate for each size (s= €5.50, m=€7.50, l=€9.50)

Customers are able to purchase more time if their 24 hours expires for an additional €5 no matter what size the locker is.

A difference like this is what allows Gare de l’est to be more popular than the station at Gare Du Nord. However, there is a 72 hour locker limit.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation for the Gare de l’Est luggage storage is open every day (including holidays) starting at 7:30 am and then closes at 10:30 pm 7 days a week.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

You will need to have your luggage x-rayed for security purposes prior to being stored.

Luggage Storage near Gare de Lyon Station

The Gare de Lyon station contains their very own luggage lockers that are self-service. You can easily locate them at the same spot as the Lost and Found located inside of Hall 3.

Locker Availability & Size

There are three Locker sizes available small, medium, and large.

Locker Price

The Gare de Lyon’s lockers are available for a single price and are based on their size and can be rented for 24 hours. For a small locker, the price is €5.50, for a medium is €7.50, and a large is €9.50.

If you need additional time for storage, you can purchase another 24 hours for €5 no matter what the locker size is. Customers are able to renew their locker for a maximum of 3 full days.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation for the Gare de Lyon luggage storage are daily and open at 6.15 am and close at 10.00 pm.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Customers must subject their luggage to an x-ray scan before it can be stored.

As you can see there are many options available when it comes to having a luggage storage Paris location. Not only are they convenient, but they can instantly provide you with a great sense of security and allow you to enjoy your trip with less worry.