Gare de Lyon Luggage Storage

If you are planning a trip to Paris for the first time, or you are coming back because one time is just not enough time to see this fascinating city, one of the biggest challenges is undoubtedly the cost of the trip. 

Staying within the center of Paris can get expensive when looking for a hotel, let alone if one is even available in this bustling metropolis of European culture. Even worse, once you found one now it is next to impossible to get to it, as many rental car companies charge unbelievable amounts for coverage if driving within the city. Furthermore, what if you really wanted to tour the fascinating countryside of France and maybe just take a day trip into the city?

Luggage Storage near Gare de Lyon

The solution is simple. Just take the train into Paris and arrive almost at the center of town, right at Gare de Lyon Station! While this station may not be as famous as it’s “directional” cousins Gare du Nord or Gare de l’Est it is located super convenient almost in the center of town. 

From there you can take a short walk to the Bastille, Jardin de Plantes, a beautiful botanical garden that also hosts a zoo, hop on a bus to the museum, visit a concert or fashion show, or start a complete city tour. Have you ever heard of the famous Josephine Baker swimming pool in Paris (it floats on the Seine river!) and wanted to spend a day there? It is also nearby Gare the Lyon, along with many more interesting things to do and see.

Left Luggage Lockers in Gare de Lyon

There are several coin-operated luggage lockers in the Gare de Lyon station, located in Hall 3 under train lane “N”, next to “Lost and Found.” The prices vary by size of the luggage though, and a large enough locker is usually sold out. Should there be a heightened terrorism warning that day you must be prepared that the lockers are closed or that you will have to go through airport style security screening before you can even deposit your bags there. The lockers only take coins, so come fully prepared with local currency and make sure you have the correct change.

Luggage Storage Options in Nearby Museums

Another option would be to leave your luggage with Musée d’Orsay or at the Louvre; if you wanted to visit anyway you may as well take advantage of their lockers – except that you probably will spend quite a bit of your limited time standing in line waiting to be served. Luggage cannot be very large, so if you just checked out of your hotel and plan on storing your bags until it is time to leave the city this is not an option for you. 

It may also be rather inconvenient having to tote your luggage all the way there from the Gare de Lyon train station, even if you plan on moving on to your hotel later that day. Should you just be there for a day trip you may be able to make use of one of their more remote lockers with the purchase of a ticket. The ticket must be purchased at full price though and no discount coupons can be used.

The third option for Gare de Lyon luggage storage is to use one of the many advertised businesses in or around the station. You will find many “luggage carriers” at the ready, with some of them literally chasing you down to take items off your hand, assuring you that if you store your bags at their shop you will have nothing to worry about and it is very cheap. 

While some of these little stores are legitimate luggage handlers and may even be registered luggage storage places, who would really want to take that chance? There is no way of knowing which location you can trust and which one you cannot, and unless your French is rather good you may run the risk of miscommunication when it comes to last pick-up times, insurance and cost of storage.

Luggage Storage near Gare de Lyon – The Sharing Economy Option

Luckily there is yet another way for Gare de Lyon luggage storage, which is completely secure, convenient and safe. The best all-around option to store bags near Gare de Lyon is With you can locate a convenient luggage storage point at or near Gare de Lyon right as you are planning your trip, book it online, get directions and then move on to planning a full day of touring, because you will never have to worry about your luggage at all. 

All StashPoints used are thoroughly vetted and insured, customer service is available 24/7, and with using hotels, shops and businesses as secure storage locations you will likely even find a drop off point that is open around the clock. This means that if you arrive very early and cannot check into your hotel yet you can still make full use of your day, enjoying hours of sightseeing immediately, knowing that all your suitcases, bags and miscellaneous items will be stored for you safely, securely and for only very little money – while being fully insured.

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Store your luggage for as short or as long as you need; has a complete network that can cater to every situation, from a few hours to a few days. Given this flexibility you can take advantage of discounted tickets for last minute shows, tours and events near Gare de Lyon the entire time you are visiting Paris.